NOVEMBER 11, 2018


When life gets hectic we can lose our motivation for maintaining a healthy life style. Whether you are married or single with or without kids, maintaining a healthy work life balance is full time job in itself.

So what can we do to be more organised and live a more streamlined life, so we can do the things we love to do without finding excuses not to do it?

Like many women living in busy cities trying to survive the rat race is hard. I always enjoyed going to the gym and then jumping into the water for a refreshing swim after, however doing this required almost packing a suitcase every time.

Why do we make life so hard for ourselves?


After going through my wardrobe draws which is dramatically filling up with Lorna Jane & other workout brands, I thought to myself why hasn’t a brand designed swim wear that can work seamlessly with gym wear.

Where I can wear one out fit and fulfil two purposes “Gym to Swim”.

Most inner city apartments are equipped with a Gym and Swimming Pool or if they don’t, a gym franchise is generally not located too far away.

My Paradise Island is the first fashion brand that I have come across that has implemented this concept perfectly. One outfit that is designed and finished beautifully that has had “Gym to Swim” in mind.

If we strive to live a less stressful life the answer is in quality not quantity and this doesn’t just apply to fashion garments. Finally we can maintain a healthy lifestyle without dragging our oversize suitcase with us!!!

By Lily Graham - 

Gym & Swimming Coach/Personal Trainer


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